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System Support Features


  • Proximity technology
  • Reader unit with LCD and keypad
  • Built-In controller function for memory and time control
  • Support exit reader unit
  • LCD reader unit can be used as exit reader
  • Support external I/O for interfacing with CCTV/Sirens
  • Keep transactions data even power fails
  • Can program directly at the reader keypad (or from PC software)
  • Can be linked to PC through LAN using MV-25 LAN interface unit
  • Can be linked to PC directly through RS232 (1 unit) or RS485 (max. 16 units per MCI or max. 128 doors)
  • Can be linked to the xPortalNet MultiDoor Controller through interface for larger installation
  • Mifare or ABA Track 2 version are available


  • Manage to handle huge record in good and stable condition
  • Support Time Set and Time Zones
  • Support Transaction Recording
  • Support Transaction Memory Retention
  • Can program directly at the PC software (or at the reader keypad)
  • xPortal2007 software with Access Management Automatic Data Collection, Time Attendance Function, Client-Server Version available

Time Attendance *

  • Configurable export and allowance setting
  • Flexible and highly configurable shift
  • Support overnight shift
  • Overtime and work hour calculation are available
  • Designate specific reader for attendance
  • Support attendance door group by staff
  • Configurable export for integration with payroll system
  • Configurable shift setting

Car Park

  • Support 1 IN and 1 OUT reader
  • Support car park vehicle counting and control
  • Support car park full sign activation

Finger Print

  • Reliable optical FingerPrint sensor
  • Support up to 1200 templates
  • Can be used together with card access system with same software
  • Multiple operation modes - FingerPrint + Card + PIN codes


*Note: While we have designed the overnight shift attendance system with great details, we still cannot guarantee that our standard system is able to meet all of the requirements in the market. Please check with your agent on the suitability of our standard features for your intended requirements.

System Set Up

xPortal2007 Software Features
No Feature Functions
01 Operating System Windows XP Home, XP Pro, NT4, 2000 or compatible
(Microsoft .Net framework v1.1 required)
02 Max. No. of doors
  • 1 (direct RS232)
  • 16 (with one MCI-XP2007 or MCI-XP2007/s using RS485 MultiDrop)
  • 128 (maximum configuration with multiple units of MCI-XP2007 or MCI-XP2007/s)
03 Controller supported MicroEngine's XP-M1000, XP-M1000X, XP-GT1200, XP-GTR1200, XP-CPRO Multi-Door controllers
04 Card holder 2000
05 Transaction records Limited by disk space
06 Time set 255
07 Time zones 255
08 Holiday dates 30
09 Access levels 255
10 Overnight shift Yes
11 Overtime calculate Yes
12 Allowance setting Yes
13 AntiPassback Yes
14 Automatic transaction retrieval Yes
15 Password controlled software user Yes
16 User defined PIN selection Yes
17 Daily Attendance reporting Yes - Multi shift setting
Late-In, Absent, Total Work Time, OT, Overnight shift
18 Monthly Attendance Reporting Yes - Summary of attendance status
19 Who's still in report Yes (Multiple door selection)
20 Menu accessibility control Yes
21 Dynamic floor plan Yes
22 Online events viewing Yes
23 Online help Yes
24 Controllers supported XP-M1000, XP-M1000X, XP-CPRO, XP-GT1200, XP-GTR1200
25 Database Firebird
26 Using Microsoft .Net framework Yes (v1.1)
27 Multi-workstation Yes, 3 clients (MCI-XPC2007)
28 Can be linked to PC for software control
  • Yes
  • Use xPortal2007
  • Requires MCI-XP2007 or MCI-XP2007/s for distance longer than 50 feet or more than 1 unit of XP-M1000/XP-M1000X/XP-GT1200/XP-GTR1200

Connectivity Chart
XP-M1000X Reader Features
No Feature Functions
01 Card user memory 1000 (2000 in car park access mode)
02 Transaction records 10000 (5000 in car park access mode)
03 Time set 50
04 Time zones 50
05 Holiday dates 30
06 Built-in real time clock Yes
07 Keeps data and clock even power fails Yes (Data up to 5 years/Time up to 2 weeks)
08 Single unit Reader, Keypad, and Controller Yes
09 Support entry reader Yes (car park access mode)
10 Support exit reader Yes
11 Support exit push button Yes (with time zone control)
12 Support Wiegand 26-bit reader Yes
13 Support AntiPassback Yes
14 Access operation mode Card only, PIN only, Card + PIN
15 Controller operation mode
  1. Access control
  2. Time attendance
  3. Car park
16 Auto PIN 10 sets
17 Support programming through keypad and LCD at the reader Yes
18 EEPROM Memory 160KB
19 Lock control and door sensor input Yes (through MAS-RBS located inside the door)
20 Firmware flash memory Yes
21 Onboard buzzer Yes
22 Communication ports RS232 or RS485
23 Configurable lock release time Yes (0-99 secs)
24 Configurable door open time Yes (0-99 secs)
25 Auto lock release time zone Yes
26 Sensor and output Yes (with external Mio-44, 4 in 4 out card)
27 Power 12VDC
28 Can be linked to PC for software control Yes
User xPortal2007
Requires MCI-XPC2007/s or MCI-XPC2007 for distance longer than 50 feet or more than 1 unit of XP-M1000/XP-M1000X
29 Upgradeable Yes
Can be Upgraded for Use with Multi-Door XP-CPRO Controller, MK800 Reader Interface and xPortal2007 System which Support up to 128 doors.
30 Dimension 152mm(H) x 122mm(W) x 32mm(D)
XP-GT1200 Reader Features
No Feature Functions
01 Card user memory capacity 1,200
02 Fingerprint template capacity 1,200 (1:1), 1,200 (1:N) (When attached with optional XP-MF1)
03 Transaction records capacity 10,000
04 Communication RS232, RS485, or LAN (XP-GT1200)
05 Built-in real time clock with backup battery Yes (Retention of up to 1 week without external power)
06 Keypad 16 keys (with backlight)
07 Display 128x64 graphics display with backlight
08 Dimension 131mm(H) x 158mm(W) x 65mm(D)
09 Input voltage supply 12VDC
10 Time set records capacity 99
11 Time zone records capacity 99
12 Holiday dates 30
13 AntiPassback enforcement Yes (Local)
14 Built-in card reader Yes - EM card or Mifare card
15 Access operation mode
  • Card only
  • Card + PIN
  • PIN only
  • Fingerprint only
  • Card + fingerprint
  • PIN + fingerprint
  • Card + PIN + fingerprint
    (Fingerprint verification only available when attached with optional XP-MF1)
16 Controller operation mode 1)   Access Control Mode (default)
a)   Support external I/O interfacing with        CCTV/Sirens for general purpose alarm        functions (require MIO-44)
17 On site programming through keypad Yes
18 Lock control Yes (through an externally relay board located on secure side of door)
19 Door sensor/push button input Yes (through an externally relay board located on secure side of door)
20 Configurable lock release time 0-99 seconds
21 Configurable door open time 0-99 seconds
22 Auto lock release time zone Yes
23 Software control Yes (software model xPortal2007 v1.2)

Ordering Information
No Product Code Descriptions
01 XP-GT1200, XP-GT1200G, XP-GT1200B
  • Fingerprint proximity reader with LCD and keypad
  • Built-in controller function, 1,200 users, 10,000 transactions
  • TimeKeeping C/W MAS-RBT door interface unit
02 XP-GT1200AB
  • ISO14443 A/B serial No. reader with LCD and keypad
  • Built-in controller function, 1,200 users, 10,000 transactions
  • TimeKeeping C/W MAS-RBT door interface unit
03 XP-M1000X/
  • Proximity reader with LCD and keypad
  • Built-in controller function, 1,000 card users,¬† *1200 card users, 10,000 transactions
  • TimeKeeping C/W MAS-RBU, MAS-RBT* door interface unit
04 XP-M1000ABX
  • ISO14443 A/B serial No. reader with LCD and keypad
  • Built-in controller function, 1,000 card users, 10,000 transactions
  • TimeKeeping C/W MAS-RBU door interface unit
05 XP-RDPRX Proximity reader
06 XP-RDMFX ISO14443 A/B serial No. reader with ABS casing
07 Mio-44 4 In 4 Out Card
08 MCI-XP2007/s Standalone software for controlling up to 16 doors of XP-M1000, XP-GT1200, XP-GTR1200, XP-M1000X, XP-CPRO controllers
09 MCI-XP2007 xPortal2007 Client/Server software main signal converter unit.
Max. 3 clients   Max 128 doors   Max. 8 converter units per software
(Control up to 16 units of XP-M1000 or XP-M1000X or XP-GT1200 or XP-GTR1200 or XP-CPRO controllers/converter) 
10 XPC2007-CLIENT xPortal2007 Client Software Workstation License
11 MPS-320 3A power supply unit with low power cut-off
12 MPC-100 Proximity card
13 MPC-S1K Mifare standard 1KBit ISO card
14 MV-25 LAN to RS485 converter (UTP Ethernet 10BaseT with TCP/IP Protocol)

Computer Requirements
No Function Descriptions
01 CPU Pentium IV 1.7GHz or higher
02 RAM 512MB SDRAM or higher
03 Hard disk 20GB
04 Monitor 1024x768 (65536 colors) or better
05 Peripherals Mouse, Keyboard, LPT Printer Port, Serial Port
06 OS
  • Client/Standalone : Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista Business or compatible
  • Server : Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Pro/Vista Business or compatible
07 UPS Recommended to install

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